About us

Chiffry GmbH
Founded: 2013
Company headquarters: Teutschenthal

In 2013, DIGITTRADE GmbH's Head of Development André Gimbut focussed on encrypted voice communication between Android smartphones in his bachelor's thesis, laying the foundations for the Chiffry communication platform. To realise the idea, a broad team of developers and designers came together to work daily on the secure messenger with the IT security quality mark made in Germany. In addition, DIGITTRADE GmbH's many years of experience in the field of hardware encryption are being utilised for the development of Chiffry, which aims to enable the general public to communicate securely and without any prior knowledge of encryption.

Chiffry is orientated towards the high German data protection regulations and wants to give its users back control over their data.

IT Security Made in Germany (TeleTrusT)

The trust mark "IT Security made in Germany" confirms that:

  1. the company headquarters is located in Germany
  2. the company offers trustworthy IT security solutions
  3. the products offered do not contain any hidden accesses
  4. the company's IT security research and development takes place in Germany
  5. the company fulfils the requirements of German data protection law

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